It is our experience and the quality of our human capital that differentiate our service from that of our competitors

ERES RELOCATION SERVICES was established in Spain in 2001.  We are physically located in Madrid and Barcelona, with in-house immigration teams in both offices. In all other destinations in Spain we work with immigration consultants who are exclusive to ERES. Areas covered include: Seville, Valencia, La Coruña, Bilbao, Oviedo, Logroño, Zaragoza, Cadiz, Tarragona, Girona, Burgos, and Almeria, Palma de Mallorca.

Our team of in-house specialist immigration lawyers offers consultancy and legal management services to clients across the complete spectrum of immigration services including:

  • Work Authorizations and Renewals
  • Visas
  • Citizenship
  • European Registration Certificates
  • Title Homologation
  • Return Permits
  • Legalization
  • Criminal Records etc.

ERES SPAIN provides comprehensive immigration services that are tailored to meet the client’s needs, finding innovative, creative and effective solutions and ensuring Government Compliance at all stages of the process. ERES is conscious that flexibility and responsiveness are increasingly important components in successful international immigration services and we have the experience to foresee potential difficulties and the agility to take the immediate pre-emptive action accordingly. Our knowledge of the ideal immigration route to follow according to the client’s requirements and the individual characteristics of each case makes up our competitive edge in the all-important area of international immigration law.

The ERES Senior Immigration Team consists of qualified lawyers, and in each office a highly experienced immigration lawyer(s) acts in the capacity of Immigration Director; responsible for immigration service delivery and quality control. ERES’ immigration lawyers hold industry registration and maintain up-to-date knowledge through continuing professional development.

Our Immigration Consultants have all undergone ERES’ standard immigration training and work directly with the migrating assignees and their families. Their role is to listen, guide, advise, anticipate needs, help and support the immigration process.

ERES are proud of our Professional Associations and Certifications:

  • Four ERES Senior Manager are registered with the Professional Lawyers Register.
  • ERES holds the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification and EuRA Global Quality Seal.
  • ERES is a member of the European Relocation Association (EURA).
  • One of the ERES senior management team is a Fellow of the Academy of European Relocation Professionals.
  • ERES is a member of the  Employee Relocation Council (ERC).
  • ERES is a patron member of the IESE Business School (University of Navarra).

With impeccable knowledge of local immigration laws, we ensure that visa and migration matters are handled in a professional manner and that optimum results are achieved, thereby guaranteeing peace of mind for both the transferee and client company. 

Eres' experienced Immigration assess and manage all aspects of visa and migration matters, providing bespoke solutions designed to ensure a stress free move for your employees, helping them to settle quickly and smoothly in their new location.

Spanish visa application and case management services include:

  • Preliminary assessments of available visa options; thorough advice on merits and eligibility of each case prior to commencement.
  • Ongoing ad hoc expert advice on immigration matters during the application process
  • Compilation of relevant supporting documentation, review, obtaining the relevant documents on behalf of the assignee.
  • Preparation of all immigration application forms on behalf of the sponsoring company and visa applicant.
  • Arranging translations and legalizations as appropriate
  • Thorough review of all forms and supporting documents to ensure compliance with immigration requirements prior to lodging a decision ready application to the applicable authority.
  • Detailed immigration law research and submission writing as the case may require
  • Ongoing monitoring and status up-date reports to relevant stakeholders
  • Delivery of timely visa decision notifications and compliance alerts

Spanish Business and Employment Visa Overview

Spain offers a range of temporary and permanent skilled visas for the purpose of foreign nationals attending to business matters or for employment.

Workplace laws in Spain ensure that all employees are provided with basic rights and protection in the workplace. As legislative requirements, processing times and documentary evidence change frequently, we encourage you to contact us the most up-to-date information.

All EU nationals intending to stay in Spain longer than 3 months must obtain their EU Registration Certificate with a previous appointment. 

Depending on the type of assignment undertaken by EU nationals in Spain, the documents to obtain EU Registration Certificate vary. 

EU nationals locally hired in Spain

  • Original passport
  • Original Spanish work contract signed by both the employee and the Spanish Company
  • Employee’s copy of his/her enrollment to the Spanish Social Security System
  • Recently issued marriage and birth certificates for the family, apostilled and translated into Spanish and original passports of all family members

EU nationals temporarily assigned to Spain, maintaining his/her work contract and Social Security in their home country (ICT)

  • Original passport
  • Original assignment letter
  • Original letter from the Spanish Company
  • A1 form
  • Original health insurance with full coverage policy valid for Spain
  • Recently issued marriage and birth certificates for the family, apostilled and translated into Spanish, plus health insurance for all the family members and original passports of all family members

Please note that in some Spanish cities a Town Hall registration may also be required. 

After 5 years if the EU nationals want to stay permanently in Spain it is possible to apply for a permanent Spanish residence permit.

This permit is intended for EU relatives holding a non-EU nationality. 

For this process, a recently issued marriage certificate or a birth certificate apostilled and translated will be required. 

The marriage certificate must be issued either by an EU Civil Register or by the Consulate of an EU country. 

The EU national needs to demonstrate sufficient economic means to live in Spain and will need to have a health insurance in Spain. 

A Town Hall Registration including all family members will also be required. 

The permit will be granted for 5 years renewable. It will allow the non-EU national to work and live in Spain.

Intended for non-EU nationals assigned to Spain while maintaining their work contract and Social Security payments in the home country. 

Applicants need to demonstrate at least three months previous experience with the affiliated company and should either hold a university degree or prove at least three years’ experience in a similar job position. The link between the home company and the host company must be proved through a public document and obtaining this document can be challenging. 

A Certificate of Coverage issued by the Social Security office in the home country or a Power of Attorney to register the foreign entity in Spain and to pay the employee's Social Security contributions is needed. The work permit will be granted according to the Certificate of Coverage with a maximum validity of 2 years renewable.

Intended for non-EU nationals assigned to Spain on a local work contract. The Spanish Sponsor company should either have more than 250 employees on Spanish payroll OR a net turnover in Spain of at least €50M OR no less than €43M of equity in Spain; otherwise applicants must hold a university degree. A Spanish official work contract will be needed. 

The salary must correspond to the job position offered and be no less than 30,000€ annual gross salary. The work permit will be granted according to the work contract submitted with a maximum validity of 2 years renewable.

The residence permit for dependants allows them to live and work in Spain on a specified temporary basis. 

Family members of work permit applicants can submit a residence permit for Spain simultaneously. 

Recently issued marriage certificate and/or birth certificate apostilled and translated will be needed for this process.

Intended for individuals who have lived in Spain during the last 5 years without interruption. Assignees will need to prove that they have maintained their residence in Spain with no interruption during the last 5 years prior to their permanent residence application (they cannot spend more than 10 months outside of Spain in the last 5 years prior to the application submission date).

Intended for individuals travelling to Spain on a business trip. This visa will allow the individual to participate in business meetings and negotiations, speak at a company event, conference, etc. An invitation letter from the Spanish company is needed. 

The business visa will be granted for 90 days out of 180 days within the Schengen area.

This process is for non-EEA individuals who are employed and have a residence permit in an EEA country and are sent to another EEA country on a short term assignment. If the assignment of these non EEA individuals is for longer than 3 months, they do not need to apply for a work permit but for a Van del Elst residence visa; if the assignment is for longer than 6 months they will also need to apply for a residence card in the country of destination.

Intended for applicants that need to travel outside of Spain when their residence cards have already expired and while the new ones are being processed. 

The Re-Entry Permit will have a validity of 90 days and will be valid just for one trip.

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