Lima Relocation Services provides invaluable support to transnational companies that relocate their executives to Peru. 

LIMA RELOCATION SERVICES makes sure the relocation process works, by helping everyone reduce or eliminate the stress generated by a move to an unknown country, facing a new society and local realities. With our help, the executive and his/her family will feel comfortable, therefore being able to maximize his/her potential at their work. 

Our Advisors

LIMA RELOCATION SERVICES employ professionals who have full knowledge of Peruvian customs and understand cross-cultural issues, as all employees are Peruvians who have lived abroad.

Advisors will give transferees a warm welcome to Peru and will answer any questions they may have, thus removing the initial anxiety that the prospect of moving to a new location often produces.

All representatives are trained professionals in understanding the emotional processes of every change. They have life experience abroad and are fluent in various languages like Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

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Lima Relocation Services aims to provide all clients with topnotch, personalized migration support services. 

Lima Relocation Services provides a complete immigration service that is personalized to the client's unique needs.  Lima Relocation Services immigration specialists workwith each client to ensure a smooth and streamlined immigration process.

Peruvian immigration services include:

    • Preliminary assessments of visa options
    • Provision of ongoing advice on immigration matters during the application process
    • Compilation of relevant supporting documentation, review and preparation of all immigration application forms on behalf of the the visa applicant or applicant's company.
    • Arranging translations and legalization as required.
    • Ongoing monitoring and status up-date reports to relevant stakeholders.
    • Delivery of timely visa decision notifications and compliance alerts


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