Executive Relocations representing your complete immigration solution throughout France

EXECUTIVE RELOCATIONS demonstrates positive results for the past 23 years; we simplify the French immigration process for our clients by managing all visa paperwork and communication with government authorities.

Included in our immigration support is:

  • Long term visas,
  • Work and Residence Permit applications and renewals,
  • Consulting support,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Reporting,
  • Tailor made follow-ups within agreed upon timeframes.

Each program is tailor made with a host of optional services to select from, ensuring individual client needs are comprehensively met.

Executive Relocations' dedicated bilingual team of Immigration Specialists has extensive experience in providing compliant legal advice and assistance. We maintain up-to-date regulatory and legislative knowledge through a continuous program of training, including consultation with our network of contacts in the ministries and administrations.

Our eleven offices located in Dunkirk, Gennevilliers (Paris area), Toulouse, Metz, Nantes, Lyon, Chambray-lès-Tours, Pau, Aix-en-Provence (registered offices), and Lille and Bordeaux (affiliate offices) are strategically positioned for effective coverage of the whole country.

We are committed to streamlining our internal processes and provide Client specific reporting, compliance monitoring, and billing seamlessly.

In our constant aim for service excellence and in order to benchmark our service offering, we are members of the following sought after industry specific associations:

Gestion externalisee de la mobilite internationale France4




We have been awarded the following reputable compliance and data security accreditations: 

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GQS small NO DATE2

qms award

afaq award


Our professional services ensure a smooth immigration process and a successful arrival. We are able to guarantee our clients optimal deadlines by utilizing clear and concise case management strategies.

Executive Relocations' in-depth knowledge of the French environment and sound navigation of French establishments’ logistics has allowed us to be the partner of choice for immigration formalities to France. Our customer’s integration into their new environment is aided by clear visa and immigration procedures. There are numerous advantages to benefitting from assistance when in a foreign country and dealing with foreign authorities. 

A few of the advantages we offer are:

  • Advocacy with French authorities,
  • Effective time management and cost effective official translations,
  • Consulting services on which visa is appropriate, based on individual profile,
  • On-site, face to face support at the various French administrative offices,
  • Pre-completion and pre-vetting of government paperwork,
  • Drafting of an introduction letter,
  • Privileged contacts as a result of our day to day on-site follow-through, etc.

Visa Process

  • Complete introduction file is to be submitted to the French labor authorities for review,
  • Review timeframe: 2 months on average,
  • Upon acceptance, the file is transmitted to the French consulate in the assignees home country,
  • The visa is picked up from the French consulate in home country,
  • The visa is valid for 3 months to 1 year,
  • Travel to France is officially granted with the issue of the visa,
  • A medical examination is to be conducted in France immediately upon arrival, for most profiles,
  • A Work Permit is granted after the medical exam,
  • A Residency Permit may then be requested from the local “Préfecture”,
  • The Residency Permit is valid for 1 to 3 years, depending on type of visa.

In France, there are 4 main immigration approaches with regards to professional transfers. As immigration laws and requirements change without notice, please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

They are outlined as follows:

The conditions are:

  • The assignee must have been employed with the company for at least 3 months prior to transfer.
  • The assignee’s gross salary must be equal to or above 2,186.28 € per month.
  • They can be renewed once, and in some cases twice, if the mission has not been completed.
  • The work visa is linked to the employer and position.

The advantages are:

  • Pre-selection in France for alternative candidates meeting the position requirements is not required.
  • The assignee may be on a home or host company payroll (i.e. local contract or secondment).
  • The assignee’s spouse has the right to work in France.
  • If the assignee has a local contract, access to the French healthcare system is granted.

The conditions are:

  • The assignee’s salary must be equal or above minimum wage (i.e. 1,457.52 € gross per month).
  • The employer must demonstrate the necessary candidacy profile, above local French, EU, or foreign nationals already benefitting from a work permit.
  • Exceptions apply for specific fields of work where there are shortages (i.e. IT technicians, accounting managers, construction workers, etc.).
  • The assignee’s spouse does not have the right to work, and in certain cases cannot benefit from a residency card. Recourse is only possible after 18 months, under certain conditions.
  • The visa is linked to the employer and position for the first 2 years.

The advantages are:

  • May be renewed at will on a yearly basis for the first 5 years.
  • After 5 years, a 10 year work and residency permit may be requested.
  • The above permit may even be requested after 3 years for designated nationalities (i.e. Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast, etc.).
  • The assignee is given access to the French healthcare system.

The conditions are:

  • The assignee must have obtained 3 years of post-high school studies with a diploma or 5 years of work experience corresponding to the employment position.
  • The assignee’s annual salary must be equal or above 52,750 € gross.
  • The assignee’s spouse has the right to work.
  • There is an unlimited renewal period.
  • The work visa is linked to the employer and position for 24 months (two years).

The advantages are:

  • The assignee’s spouse is granted a work permit.
  • After 18 months, the assignee may request a work and residency permit for another EU countries, without having to complete a new immigration process with the new country’s authorities.
  • Pre-selection in France for alternative candidates meeting the position requirements is not required.

The conditions are:

  • A reason motivating the secondment is needed (i.e. new contract or individual employment linked to mother company’s needs, without needing an entity in France).
  • The assignee’s salary must be equal to or above the minimum wage (i.e. 1,457.52 € gross per month).
  • Temporary authorization to work for 1 year and renewable for usually no more than 5 years, depending on the reason motivating the secondment.
  • The assignee’s spouse is not authorized to work.
  • If there is not a reciprocity agreement between France and the assignee’s home country, the assignee is required to pay social contributions and is included in healthcare benefits.

The advantages are:

None, as this option is only considered as a last resort and is specifically for companies that do not have entities in France.

  • Training visas: valid for up to 18 months, non-renewable,
  • Scientific visas (i.e. research or teaching): Long term as long as a contract is in place,
  • Business permits: For president or CEO duties,
  • Visas for seasonal workers,
  • Visas for independent workers (i.e. architects, journalists, lawyers, etc.),
  • “Competences et Talents”: Highly qualified workers (i.e. athletes, musicians, actors, etc.).
  • Please note that short term visas of less than 3 months remain non-renewable.

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