Openness, respect and cordiality characterize the Auris Relocation team, and this team spirit is made tangible to all clients. 

AURIS RELOCATION offers a comprehensive range of vital advisory services for companies, their employees and individuals planning to settle in Switzerland as well as for personnel transferring abroad. At Auris Relocation, we are experts in listening. Listening is both the origin of our company name, and the very heart of the best professional relationships. We listen, analyze, orient and guide, all the while generating the trust and confidence so important when transitioning to a new environment. locations; consequently Expat’s systems are designed to enable our cohesive team to operate seamlessly from the Melbourne head office, ensuring efficient, effective coverage throughout our vast country. 

Upstream advisory

Auris is highly appreciated for its upstream advisory to top management, to human resources, to talent management, to individuals. We have a rich accumulated knowledge of the culture, the country, as well as the political and regulatory context. This allows us to strategically advise, suggest policies, and highlight potential challenges in time to act upon them.

Award winning

Auris Relocation has relevant nationwide experience in immigration and in international mobility. We have been working in depth since 2001 for a continuously growing list of sizeable global companies. We are the preferred Swiss provider for several global relocation companies, repeatedly winning awards for excellence. Auris Relocation is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association). We were awarded the EuRA Quality Seal in 2010, a recognition that has been renewed consistently since.


The largest privately owned and independent relocation company in Switzerland, Auris has a unique and enviable position. Our independence guarantees that the advice we supply is absolutely impartial and in accordance with the objectives of our clients.


Auris Relocation is a stable company with a healthy structure, a welcome reassurance in this quickly changing world. Continuous quality can be relied on with Auris.


Immigration is an entry to the country - Auris is your entry to a positive experience.

Dedicated immigration specialists at Auris Relocation are experts in navigating the administrative path to success amidst rapid changes on a global scale. Knowing how to approach the local authorities, what is required from the applicants, and managing expectations is the added value when addressing Auris Relocation.

Our modular service offering includes but is not limited to:

  • Immigration advisory and updates on new regulations
  • Application for work and residence permits for EU/EFTA citizens
  • Application for work and residence permits for non-EU/EFTA citizens
  • Family reunion
  • Visa support services in home countries
  • Local registration after arrival in Switzerland
  • Applications for permit extensions
  • Departure formalities

Auris Relocation is well positioned to provide strategic overviews as well as timely updates on legal and administrative regulations to highlight and clarify changes that could impact corporate policies or personal choices. Designated immigration specialists of high calibre at Auris apply themselves to the task with precision and persistence, using their full knowledge of the specific legal and administrative context.

Applications for work and residence permits for EU/EFTA citizens require specific documents from both the individuals and their employers. Auris Relocation immigration specialists are thorough and persistent in completing and processing each file, working with human resources departments and the transferees to identify and obtain the puzzle pieces.

The intricacies of applications for non-EU/EFTA transferees are dealt with by our specialists, relieving human resources and transferees of the meticulous job. Special attention is paid to being compliant with Swiss law and compliant with each corporate policy. Assistance with biometric data formalities is provided where needed. We ensure efficient communication and support during the final formalities.

Family reunion is an important element of employee satisfaction, and has our full attention. Auris Relocation specialists are well schooled in the required process; our intimate knowledge of the process is a bonus to transferees and to human resources. Clear communication at all stages prevents uncertainty from becoming a distraction.

Obtaining a visa for Switzerland is a crucial step in the chain of events for immigration of all non-EU/EFTA citizens. Auris Relocation coordinates this carefully with support services in the pertinent home country.

Upon arrival in Switzerland, all transferees must present themselves to the local authorities with specific documents in a precise time frame. Auris Relocation books this appointment for registration and accompanies the new arrivals.

Timely reminders of renewal deadlines are a welcome service to busy transferees and their employers. Deadlines are clearly communicated with advance notice and reminders set up, allowing transferees peace of mind on their status. Applications for extension are processed by Auris Relocation specialists with efficiency.

Departure formalities are expertly handled by Auris with regard to local and tax authorities. Transferees are informed of what to expect, where and when they need be present, as well as which documents must be provided. Leaving becomes simple and straightforward with the help of Auris Relocation.

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