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Ireland re-introduces lengthier co-habitation period for Irish nationals to sponsor foreign partners

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Ireland GIN

Irish immigration authorities have moved to re-introduce a lengthier co-habitation period for Irish nationals or permanent residents looking to sponsor a co-habiting partner for immigration into Ireland under De Facto Partnership Immigration Permission (DFPIP). In a reversal from the previous one year requirement announced earlier this year, the co-habitation requirement has now reverted back to two years for unmarried Irish citizens with foreign partners.

The DFPIP enables unmarried couples proven to be in genuine, committed, long-term relationships, and living together, to apply for the non-Irish partner to remain in Ireland based on the relationship with the Irish partner. All couples must now meet the new two year co-habitation requirement before becoming eligible to apply.The new ruling took effect on the 1st of September, 2017.



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