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Belgium introduces single work and residence permit system

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In compliance with an EU directive issued in 2011 which required EU member countries to have more uniform procedures for foreign (non-EU) nationals when applying for work rights permits and residence permits, Belgium has announced the introduction of a single work and residence permit system, effective 1 January 2019.

All three regions of Belgium will adopt the new single permit system, however each region will have control over the requirements and documents needed for the issuance of the permit, as well as for any restrictions that may be attached.

Under this new system, prospective employers will now only use a single form when applying for a work and residence permit, combining supporting documents as well. Employers must take note that differing rules and criteria for issuance of this permit may arise between each region. Processing is set to take a maximum of four months, and delays are anticipated during this period of change.

For all regions, the non-EU employee must start registration within 8 days of arrival in Belgium. They may provide a temporary address, and file an update to change address once they have located long-term accommodation.

NOTE: This information has been prepared using data obtained from various legitimate sources.  It is intended to inform only and does not represent substantial legal advice.   G.I.N’s Belgium specialist is available for consultation and guidance.  Please contact Maps Relocation directly – they will be very happy to assist.


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