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Argentina suspends express appointments for temporary residence cards or permanent residency conversions

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caminito Argentina pixabay

Argentina´s National Immigration Office (DNM) has suspended all express appointments for applications for temporary residence cards or conversions to permanent resident status.   This measure brings along significant processing delays.

The reason for this, as explained by the DNM, is that they have less personnel and an overwhelming demand for express appointments for expatriate visas, which then led to their system collapsing. Thus, they have been forced to take a series of measures to limit the request for new visa appointments.

Delays in visa applications are mainly in the Mercosul Section of the National Immigrations Office.  Appointments for a 24H Visa (valid for 90 days), or a 23L Visa (valid for 2 years) have a 6 month delay.   There is the possibility of trying to bring forward an appointment, however this is analyzed case-by-case by the DNM, and the success rate to date has been very low. 

The Extra Mercosul Sector is also experiencing delays.  Express appointments have a 3 month delay – appointments are given now for July 2018. It is important to highlight that for Extra Mercosul Nationals, it is easier to bring forward visa appointments.

These changes have also affected the actual application time-frame. Please be aware that all applications at the National Immigrations Office are experiencing delays of up to 6 hours every day, and that assignees are expected to remain there until the application process is finished.


All information is current and accurate at the time of publishing. However, the above information and status is highly susceptible to change without warning, and thus this cannot substitute for any legal advice. The Global Immigration Network cannot be held responsible for any actions stemming from the information provided above. Please contact Labs Relocation for further information.


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